Great Lakes School of Music Services

Guitar Lessons and Vocal Coaching in Mayfield Heights, Ohio

For quality music lessons in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, Great Lakes School of Music is the premier choice for voice and piano lessons. We offer private lessons, group lessons, and early childhood music education. Our music teachers are experienced, undergo background checks, and have degrees, so you can rely on our experienced staff.

For more information on our lessons, contact us at (440) 833-0206.

Our lessons include:

Brass Lessons: Our team instructs in brass instruments such as French horn, trumpet, trombone, and tuba, regardless of prior knowledge or advancement.

Violin Lessons: With lessons molded directly to your level of skill, our team offers viola, cello, and violin lessons.

Piano Lessons: Piano lessons are useful at any age, but they provide a boost to child brain power! Piano classes also increase finger dexterity and enhance the ability of split concentration (a.k.a. multi-tasking).

Drum Lessons: Our drum instructor has over ten years of experience has been featured in various symphonies as a timpanist. Your drum lessons can even be personal or with a group!

Guitar Lessons: For acoustic or electric, our guitar teachers can help you scale the path to becoming a skilled guitarist. While some guitar players are self- taught, the advantages of skilled instruction to learn guitar are invaluable.

Vocal Lessons: No matter your age or level of experience, voice training can help you learn to sing properly. We instruct those who are natural singers, and those who are not! If you have a passion for improving, or have a specific performance in mind, our vocal teachers can help you reach your full potential.

Did you know that we offer classes for young music aficionados? Great Lakes School of Music offers our newest program, Moppet Music! This is perfect for children ages 3 - 5 years, with an exposure to various instruments and singing! Children enjoy hands on experience, learning rhythms and notation through fun activities!

Great Lakes School of Music provides quality music instruction to students in Mayfield Heights, Chesterland, and Cleveland. With over 18 years of experience, you can rely on our piano teachers to provide superior instruction. For more information, call us at (440) 833-0206.