What our clients are saying...

“I enjoyed my lessons with Mr. Gordon. Very personable and knowledgeable ”

~Marlon R

“My son truly enjoyed working with Miss Xerlita! He enjoyed her style of teaching and her encouragement. The school is truly a gem!”

“Doing great! We love GLSM Tosin”

“Great business. Great teachers. Great place to learn about music!”

“Teacher has good knowledge and she is very nice and polite. Flexible schedule and good location.”

“Teachers have been great. Always flexible and willing to listen to the parents as well.” 

“I had voice lessons on my bucket list for years so when I saw it on Groupon I knew it was time. My instructor was delightful - talented, gentle, encouraging. I had fun but realized that my voice was past its prime and I could continue singing to the radio as always!”


"Barbara has a passion for music has trained my child for years and always worked with our busy schedule. My child leaves lessons with a smile on there face but not because she coddles students... she pushes them to be focused and to their best!!!"

-Erica Scott

"Great Lakes School of Music is the best school in Cleveland by far to learn the art of music for all ages.With qualified teachers, and state of the art computer assisted teaching tools that make the learning experience enjoyable.To find out if music is for you, you can easily book an appointment through the automated scheduling and choose the available times that are best for you.I've compared the other schools and put Great Lakes School of Music head and shoulders above the rest!"

-Jeff Breznay

My daughter loves it! Great teacher, Barbara is wonderful" -Jamie Lgoe
I have been attending the Great Lakes School of Music for several years and I have really enjoyed attending. My teacher is Barbara Watkins and she is an excellent teacher. She is a professional and very patient and very flexible.

I have recommended others to attend this school and will continue to recommend others as a result of my experience.

Continue to do the excellent job that you are doing. Thanks for a job well done!
"Will I haven't been there yet but so far the comments that I'm am seeing looks really positive so what ever they are really doing you are doing perfect keep up the work going to visite someday with a note pad write about it someday (kiss kiss ) bye write back to you when I'm going there
I have been Barbara's student for seven years. She is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher. She is very kind to kids and passionate about music. Great school! Great teachers!

Barb is thorough and passionate about music. !

Great Lakes School of Music has a warm, friendly environment with awesome teachers! It's wonderful for all ages and many instruments!

"A wonderful reality to discover and enjoy!" 

-Gianmarco Manfredi

"Between working at GLSM and taking guitar lessons, I can attest that they are a top notch organization! Keep up the good work!"

-Chris Reece