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Preschool Piano Lessons

Preschool Piano Lessons

Welcome to our piano lessons program! We offer private and engaging classes for your preschooler, specifically tailored for children ages 4-5 years old. Our lessons are led by the talented and experienced Miss Barb, who has a passion for teaching children how to play the piano.

Your child will have a blast while learning the fundamentals of piano through a variety of activities, such as playing on a large floor keyboard and exploring different instruments to develop rhythmic skills. They’ll also enjoy singing fun songs and playing the piano with special techniques to develop excellent hand position and posture.

Our innovative pieces introduce note reading in a way that aligns with children’s developmental needs, helping them to learn directional pre-reading, which is essential for later reading notes on the music staff. As a result, your child will develop a strong foundation in piano while having fun and improving their cognitive skills! Join us today and witness your child’s musical growth.

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