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Our team instructs in brass instruments such as French horn, trumpet, trombone, and tuba, regardless of prior knowledge or advancement.

We are proud to offer expert instruction in a variety of brass instruments, including the French horn, trumpet, trombone, and tuba. Our experienced and passionate instructors are dedicated to helping students of all levels advance their skills and achieve their goals. Whether you are just starting out or have been playing for years, our team is committed to providing personalized instruction tailored to your individual needs and abilities. With a focus on technique, theory, and musical expression, we offer a comprehensive approach to brass education that will help you develop a deep appreciation of these beautiful instruments.

Unique Approach

Drum Lessons

Learning to play the drums has many benefits for students of all ages! Even after playing for a few minutes, drumming can relieve stress and boost one's mood. It's also great for developing coordination and increasing brain power, not to mention building confidence and communication skills through musical expression!

Rock Drumming

Blues Drumming

Jazz Drumming

Big Band Drumming

Drum Circles

Unique Approach


Piano lessons are useful at any age and can be beneficial for developing children! Piano classes also increase finger dexterity and enhance the ability of split concentration (a.k.a. multi-tasking).

Playing the piano is a wonderful skill to have at any age, and it can be especially beneficial for children to start learning early on. Piano lessons provide a fantastic opportunity for children to learn a new skill while also developing important cognitive abilities. Not only do piano classes help to improve finger dexterity, but they also enhance the ability of split concentration, or multi-tasking. This is because playing the piano requires both hands to work independently, meaning that students must train their brains to process and coordinate multiple actions at once.

Unique Approach


Our specialized teachers can help you scale the path to becoming a skilled player. While some musicians are self-taught, the advantages of skilled instruction to learn the instrument are invaluable. We offer both electric and acoustic guitar / bass plus ukulele lessons!

At our institution, we pride ourselves on delivering quality education to aspiring musicians. We understand that mastering an instrument can be a challenging task. This is why we have recruited a team of exceptional teachers who are experts in their fields and have extensive experience in teaching students of all levels.